Business Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in doing business with us. To date, we have spent $11.6 billion with Australian businesses, which has included:

$6.2 billion with Queensland businesses.

$492 million with South-West Queensland/Darling Downs businesses, including $155 million in the Maranoa.

$262 million with Gladstone businesses.

Overall, that means we are generating $75 million worth of for Australian businesses each week.

To help us achieve this, we developed an Australian Industry Participation Plan, designed to encourage Australian and local suppliers to be involved in the project.

The plan commits us, and our contractors, to maximising the opportunities for Australian businesses to be involved in providing materials, equipment, labour, plant and professional skills.

Registering and prequalifying my business

Santos is implementing the ‘Santos Supplier Prequalification System’ (SSPS) to make the process of supplying to Santos easier.  Santos has engaged the services of Achilles First Point Supplybase (FPS) to operate the SSPS which will be used for supplier prequalification.

FPS (formally Supplybase VRS) is a supplier registration system established by the Australian Competitive Energy (ACE) initiative of APPEA for the Australian oil, gas and downstream processing industry.

The use of the SSPS will enable Santos, as the buyer of goods and services, to standardise and streamline the way Santos engages with suppliers in different locations; efficiently and effectively prequalify suppliers; and share that information across the Santos group of companies. This will reduce the cost, time and effort involved in doing business for both Santos and the suppliers.

For further information regarding prequalifying with Santos, please click here.