Work With Us

When you join Santos GLNG, you make a difference to the future of Queensland.

You become part of a pioneering team that is leading the efforts to extract natural gas from Queensland’s coal seams, and convert it to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to global markets.

Projects of this scale come along once in a lifetime, and while the construction of our business is 90 per cent complete, you can still be part of it as we transition into our long-term operational phase, which will continue for decades to come.


Job Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Long-term operational roles are now available in specialist areas such as engineering and geology. Indigenous, training, and graduate opportunities are also open.

As we move from building to operating our world-class gas project, we will continue to need high quality goods and services. Santos GLNG is a proudly Australian business that supports local suppliers.

High Load Transport

Santos GLNG has installed new high voltage electricity infrastructure to power machinery and equipment at our field sites. This infrastructure includes overhead power lines which cross both private and public roads within the Santos GLNG project area.