Managing social impacts

At Santos GLNG, we offer local communities an absolute assurance that we have appropriate measures in place to manage the social impacts of our project.

Listening to communities and working with them is an important part of how we manage social impacts. Our company’s open and honest approach to community engagement has helped shape the key strategies and initiatives in the Santos GLNG Community Handbook, which was developed to help explain the possible social impacts of our activities and what we are doing about them.

The handbook introduces the regions where we operate - Maranoa, Banana Shire, Central Highlands, and Gladstone - and explains how we will maximise benefits and minimise impacts to the communities within these regions. Read the Community Handbook for more information on our approach to managing social impacts and commitments across six key focus areas including water and environment, social infrastructure, community wellbeing and liveability, community safety, local industry participation and training and Aboriginal engagement and participation.

The community handbook is a summary of our Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP) that was approved by Queensland's Coordinator-General in 2012.

Committed to affordable housing  

Understanding that housing affordability and availability is of key importance to communities, we have developed a specific strategy to articulate our approach towards mitigating impacts on local housing markets. Our Integrated Project Housing Strategy includes key initiatives such as purpose-built temporary and permanent worker accomodation, more than $13 million towards social and affordable housing outcomes for regional communities, new family homes for our workers settling in Gladstone, and the construction of a new key worker accomodation facility in Roma to help attract and retain workers on lower incomes.

Investing in local communities

Managing social impacts through our SIMP involves a $200M commitment to minimising these impacts and giving back to local communities. Read more about the programs and initiatives we are supporting on our community investments page.